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August 12, 2012


PONY EXPRESS TURNOUT is situated on 264 acres of rolling farmland in Aiken, South Carolina.  Aiken is ideally located within an easy day’s drive from the polo fields of South Florida.  In addition to being close, Aiken also allows you to avoid the harsh winter condition of more northerly turnout locations.


Pony Express Turnout has been meticulously developed to safely accommodate the turnout needs of the world’s finest polo horses.  Designed and built over the last several years we have paid careful attention to preserving the natural beauty of the spectacular Aiken countryside setting.  

With over six miles of newly constructed sturdy and safe four-board fence, our pastures contain abundant coastal grass, millet, oats and alfalfa.  Mature shade trees in all the pastures provide your horses with a refreshing environment so they can stay cool on the hottest summer days.   Our well maintained facilities, professional staff and close working relationship with Dr. Michael Brown’s Veterinary practice assist us in giving your horses the best care available.


As we continue to expand and improve Pony Express Turnout to better serve polo players, we focus on delivering the highest level of polo horse care.  For instance, in 2o10 we added a 12 stall barn in case of an injured horse or if a client might want to leg up his horses before shipping out.  Our manager, Rodolfo Irigoyen, an accomplished polo player and horse trainer with an extensive farming background resides on the farm to help ensure the safety and security of your valuable horses.  Working closely with his experienced staff, Rodolfo will keep a close watch on the condition of your horses inspecting each clients horses every day and communicate directly with you as necessary.


Your horses will be turned out in one of our 19 oversized paddocks that range from 10 – 15 acres each.  Every horse is identified, collared and photographed upon arrival at the farm.  Thereafter, each month they are turned out, pictures are taken and emailed to the owner.

We also offer a special program for your foals and young horses including frequent handling, veterinary care, regular trimming and worming.  Your foals and yearlings receive pure alfalfa hay and grain supplements during the winter months at no extra cost.

                      Contact Rodolfo at 202-570-1065 to inquire further.

        Taken August 2010.  This photo shows one of the unique aspects of
        Pony Express Aiken; 40 acres of alfalfa pasture.   

       After sending 4 months turned out in one of our rich coastal grass pastures, this high goal mare owned by 10 goaler, Pablo MacDonough is not even thinking about polo.  She happily she grazes in the Hilltop pasture looking north over the Lupe and Alfalfa pastures in the distance.
      Bautista Heguy's horses happily grazing on 25 acres of coastal grass in  the Lupe pasture.

       Rodolfo Irigoyen, the farm manager, doing his morning inspection of our equine guests in the Hilltop pasture. 


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